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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 17, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> a woman was shot in her bed, officers quickly blocked off the area with crime tape. the victim, a 24-year-old woman was hit in the next however police say he was still alert when an ambulance took her to the hospital. a car was seen speeding to the area but they are not sure what happened. and a reported shooting of jerry's bar, the bar was taped off as investigators had a white van. bullet casings were also on the ground and police expected to release more information. we are going into the deadly bombing as it continues. claudine wong joins us from the newsroom with more crime scene photographs. this law enforcement are
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pleading with the public to come through with photos and any information as they try to find whoever is responsible for these deadly bombings. they released these crime scenes pictures -- crime scene pictures from overnight. they were packed with nails and shrapnel and you can see where these went off and bags of those pressure cookers were believed to be transported and you can see battery and wires there and there was even a small circuit board found at the scene. >> at this time there are no claims or responsibility and the range of suspects remains wide open. we are asking if you heard somebody speak about the marathon or the date of april 13 to target this event, somebody knows who did this.
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>> we are learning about the tiny graduate student killed in that blast. a state run newspaper has identified her at lou linkee. condolences are being left on her microblogging account. at least 14,000 comments had been left on that page. people continues to reach out and in boston media continues to come together. boston television tweeted during a shift change, a "b" p b -- a bp b supervisor told him, when you get home, hug your kids then hug them again, that is an order. they came to pay tribute to
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the bombing victims. >> dozens of national guard troops were at the vigil as part of increased security at the bombings. chinese student at boston university was among the three people killed and she is identified as well. an 8-year-old boy also died in those bombings. he was are watching the race a along with his parents analysis. cnet crystal campbell also died and she had been going to watch the boston marathon since she was a little girl. here in the restaurant they held a fundraiser for the injured boy from the boston
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marathon bombings. workers volunteered their time and donated the money. the fundraiser was to raise money. he was waiting for his mother to finish the bombings. we speak to his father. >> he is under sedation. he has a breathing tube in and erin is scheduled to undergo an operation today and is expected to make a full recovery. he will be back in time for his 12th birthday. and they are putting together a special vigil run, it will be three miles long, one mile for each victim. then they will have a candle light vigil and those who are
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asked to participate are being asked to wear the colors of the boston marathon. and we will have continuing coverage and we will have a live report from the area of the investigation and at 4:52 we will look at how security is changes as a result of the explosions. two children who escaped juvenile hall at woodside avenue in twin peeks neighborhood, the two juveniles escaped 10:00 p.m. they don't know their ages or why they were incarcerated in the first place. they are looking into legislation for gun buyers. supporters will also vote on 8 other amendments for high
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capacity ammunition clips and those measures are not expected to pass. senator chuck schumer is meeting with president barack obama and the president issued a statement supporting the bill and urging action. this would make a path for illegal citizens to become legal and they will focus on boarder security. two lawsuits challenge the state law. now the controversial therapy has been designed to make this straight and has been out loud. they blocked the ban on conversion therapy in december until they can hear full arguments on the issue. a pedestrian was killed
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while trying to walk across near the san pedro exist. the man was hit by two vehicles, one after another. the driver of the first car immediately pulled over and the second driver immediately left the scene. >> it is a nice looking drive coming to the pay gates. if you are driving on the peninsular highway 101 and 280, that traffic does look good. let's go to steve.
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>> more spring snowstorms, and in calistoga 39 and look at lakeport, a breeze in the 50s and most locations are seeing 35 and at the napa airport 32. san francisco 57 and the wind is turning more northerly, north at fairfield, northwest oakland at fso, calm conditions
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in moffett. 38 in ukiah in breeze there. sun screen day an extra hold and windy and warmer. sunny for all and a north wind kicks in, 70s for many and upper of oz, and -- 60s and we will level it off friday and saturday, we could get into a few upper 80s, we'll see. >> all right, steve, thank you very much. it is a case of high tech sabotage. the continuing look at a pain page substation. -- pg&e substation. and we have information about the subject which is especially upsetting, we will explain. we will have more coming up on your bay area weather and
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. just before 2:00 a.m. she was laid to rest at st. paul's cathedral. they had some representatives from the obama administration, queen a elizabeth and her husband attending and security measures had been put in place. in boston, investigators are following critical new leads in the boston marathon bombings and reporter emily schmidt is there this morning and emily, we understand there
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is some new information this morning? >> reporter: yes, good morning, they have talked about the fact that this is still in its infancy and there is still information to be gathered and they said a federal law official told them they have now located the lid of a pressure cooker and of course they have been talking about the fact that the pressure cooker was used to make one if not both of the bombs and they found it a little ways away from the blast site and we know how critical the fbi considers all of that information to try and figure out what is happening. the fbi already talked about the fact that they are going to take all of the pieces of the bomb to try to reconstruct it hoping that will reveal some critical information and everybody is looking into this and still there are unanswered
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questions. >> what is the mood around boston with the heightened security, people are trying to get back to work and what is it like there right now. it looks like a war zone where we are looking at right now? >> reporter: you know it is interesting because where we are, i am just on the edge of the residential area and on the residential side, people are walking their dogs, they are doing normal wednesday morning things and behind me we are talking about police tape, whole blocks that are cordoned off and even block that are not technically blocked off you have to show photo i.d. because security is so high and add to that president barack obama is scheduled to be here coming at 11:00 for an
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interfaith prayer service to remember the 83 people injured and the three people who died because there is going to be that added security, there is very much of the city which is on guard. >> we will continue to get update of this investigation throughout the morning. authorities may have the suspect who mailed a poisonous letter to someone. it was discovered yesterday where mail for members of congress is screened. the person is a suspect who often writes letters to lawmakers but authorities have not commented on the investigation yesterday. $18,000 reward for help in catching the vandals who knocked out communications in the south bay. somebody cut a fiber optic line
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taking out 911 phone and internet service in gilroy and santa cruz county and 20 minutes later, they used a high powered rifle to shoot down the equipment and the sheriff is calling it sabotage. >> they knew where to go for the fiber optic and they knew where to cut and they were able to take out critical parts of the pg&e substation. >> 911 has been restored, that is the good news at&t repaired it and more power equipment may need to be taken off line and they are still looking for tips and talking to neighbors and reviewing surveillance video. critics are supposed to be
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caught in the killing of a man who was shot to death in oakland hills. yesterday, they announced five teenage boys and one 16-year- old were arrested. >> young men and women are finding it very easy to point a gun at somebody and pull the trigger, that is just not tolerable and accepted. >> he was laid to rest in oakland where he attended school and served as an alter boy. >> it could take a month to decide whether assaulting audrey pot should be tried as adults. a judge decided whether to release the boys to their parents. audrie pott was sexually assaulted at a party last
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september. her family said she committed suicide after photos were given out about what happened. it could have been avoided years ago and state documents say they ordered tests in 2008 which could have revealed the problems. now the tests were done and could delay the opening. >> we'll see how it goes. sal, any problems on the flee way? >> -- freeways? >> nothing major, brian and pam, let's look at 880 westbound and traffic continues to move along well as you drive out to the mcarthur maze, no major problems, you are looking at the commute on the bay bridge toll plaza and that has been pretty nice getting into the city and if you are driving
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in san jose, it is right downtown and it is a very nice drive, let's go to steve. we have it not too outrageous and not 90% just take your pick, there is some mid-50ed san jose 49 and calm conditions napa airport this time the direction the wind is coming from but it is all turning northerly and there will be some good gusts out towards the east bay as well. ukiah has 38 degrees, the north wind winds out and high pressure will be here for a while. windy and warmer however you want to slice it.
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and it is more of a northeast wind and san francisco warms up and i tell you that north wind holds and there could be warmer temperatures than this. we will continue to theme to thursday, friday and things could actually get warmer. it would be more difficult to find parking the uc berkeley campus. and in the wake of the bombing extra security measures are being considered at the beta breakers.
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. the reservation system melted down yesterday canceling hundreds of flights. more than 4,000 flights were used to track baggage an update a -- assignments. monday's tragic events were the main topics held all over the city and in golden gate bridge, a spokesperson find
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they are consulting with the department of public works for next month's pay the it bake -- beta breaker race and they are considering removing all trash cans from the route but the event is going on as scheduled. and now that new construction is underway the school closed their university hall structure last month eliminating 323 parking spaces and it also closed parking spaces under zeller hall and they will remove parking at the center and at least nor now there are no plans to replace -- for now there are no plans to replace parking. a new ban on polk street. for years they have complained nightlife has gotten out of control and supervisors are
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looking at restrictions for the rest of polk street. the san tore yum -- explore tore yum is now at pearce 15 and 17 and they will have hands on science exhibits at the palace of fine arts. special guests will offer hands on activities for people waiting online and the celebration will continue until 12:00 tonight. let's look at the commute, pam and brian, we have not a lot going on and this is just the way we like it approaching the 880 split and there are no major problems on 280, the extension getting down to the south of market area. if you get down, it is a nice drive and visibility is good, traffic is moving along pretty
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well and if you are driving on the peninsular, it is a nice drive and there are no major problems. i noticed it was mild when i stepped outside. it was mild when you pulled out of the parking lot this morning, is that what you are telling me? >> led foot. i agree, one system will do that, the only flailing element is temperatures are cold also off bodega and that can get it going, it is a mild direction going in the direction of the wind and we have 30s up in redding, ukiah and eureka and they are not in on the warm pattern but we are, as you we everything is going out to sea,
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now did about it. it would not surprise me to fit some upper 70s and if you are looking for 5 suns and a winner, that is what we going f time now 4:56 coming up, we will continue our coverage of boston marathon bombings and she was one of the lucky ones in boston. >> you will soon be able to get a taxi ride in one bay area city.
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the search for two teens that continues at this hour. >> and we just got new information from the scene in boston, what was reportedly left on the roof and what they learned about one of the victims. also a new development in the taxi cab shortage in the city, it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2